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Mudra – Sacred Yogic Seal Practice

Discover how mudras enhance your spiritual practice.

When: Thursday, November 10th from 7 - 8:30 pm EST

Where: Online via Zoom

‘Mudra’ -  Sacred Yogic Seal Practice, Reveals the magical medicine in your hands. Mudras are also known as Yogic ‘seals’, or hand gestures. The Spiritual Technology of Mudras, has been used for hundreds and possibly thousands of years originating in the Yogic Schools of India.

The hands are made into specific shapes using the fingers and palms. Mudras work by directing ‘Prana’ life-force or vital energy, through the Nadis (network of channels), to various parts of the body, subtle body, energy centers, and the brain.

In this workshop, we explore how the energy of the 5 elements, Fire, Air, Ether, Earth, and Water connects through the fingers to the subtle body to achieve well-being.

Mudra practice is a self-care tool to easily re-balance the subtle body, especially for Intuitives and Mediums. Learn how Shakti / Spirit utilizes Mudra as a tool for healing


This class will be recorded and a replay sent the next day.